Introducing Dejanire Text & Jewel

21 February, 2022  |   No comments

In November of 2019, Retype introduced Dejanire Headline, a roman type family loosely inspired by an anonymous display typeface found in a Claude Lamesle type specimen, which was published in Paris in 1742. Ramiro Espinoza expanded the system with Dejanire Sans in the months that followed.

Today we introduce the third installment in the series: Dejanire Text and Dejanire Jewel. Dejanire Text shares the same basic design principles as Dejanire Headline, but with proporti … > Read article

Introducing Kranto

1 February, 2021  |   No comments

Kranto, a sans serif superfamily composed of 144 fonts designed by Ramiro Espinoza, draws inspiration from a group of mainly British and German grotesque typefaces from the first half of the twentieth century. Its three subfamilies—Kranto Normal, SemiCond, and Condensed—grow progressively narrower.

Each subfamily comes in seven weights, from Thin to Black—and, for maximum typesetting and typographic flexibility, each weight is available in three different x-heights: … > Read article

A new look for Handelsblatt

20 July, 2020  |   No comments

Earlier this month, García Media presented its redesign of Handelsblatt, one of Germany’s major financial newspapers. Retype proudly announces that the main type family in the daily’s new design is Guyot, a contemporary reworking of the typefaces cut by sixteenth-century punchcutter François Guyot.

Mario García’s agency, headquartered in New York and Buenos Aires, has been recognized as one of the world’s leading companies specializing in newspaper and magazine design. … > Read article

Introducing Dejanire Sans

14 February, 2020  |   No comments

In November of 2019, Retype introduced Dejanire Headline, a roman type family loosely inspired by an anonymous display typeface found in a type specimen by Claude Lamesle, published in Paris in 1742.
In the months that followed, Ramiro Espinoza worked to expand the system with Dejanire Sans, a refined, multipurpose sans family consisting of twelve fonts. Its compact proportions and neutral appearance make Dejanire Sans especially well suited for corporate websites and commercial … > Read article

Introducing Dejanire Headline

4 November, 2019  |   No comments

Dejanire is a type family loosely inspired by an anonymous display typeface found in a type specimen published by Claude Lamesle, published in Paris in 1742. It takes its name from Deianira, a Calydonian princess in Greek mythology and the wife of Heracles.
The font originally introduced under the name of Gros canon deux points de gros romain was neither handsome nor elegant, suggesting that its punchcutter wasn’t a very talented artisan. In spite of this, Ramiro Espinoza saw e … > Read article

Introducing Tasman

14 January, 2019  |   No comments

We proudly introduce Dan Milne’s Tasman — a sturdy, warm type family that is neither mechanical nor fragile. Originally published by OurType, Tasman has found a new home at Retype.
This type family borrows its name from Abel Janszoon Tasman (1603–1659), a Dutch seafarer, explorer, and merchant who mapped parts of Australia in 1642, including Van Diemen’s Land (now known as Tasmania).
Milne first conceived Tasman as a typeface for newspapers. This influenced the proportio … > Read article

Introducing Guyot Press

12 November, 2018  |   1 comment

In May 2017, Retype Foundry released Guyot Headline; a few months later the family was expanded with Guyot Text. Designer Ramiro Espinoza was praised for drawing a sharp and economical type family that combined the elegance of its historic model with contemporary dynamism and efficiency. Inspired by French punchcutter François Guyot’s 16th-century typefaces, the Guyot family was well received by colleagues and clients alike, and in early 2018 it was awarded a Certificate of Ex> Read article

Introducing Reiher Headline

8 August, 2018  |   No comments

Reiher Headline is a type family inspired by two fonts displayed in the famous Ploos van Amstel specimen, first printed in Amsterdam in 1767.
Ramiro Espinoza’s affinity for Baroque types and his desire to study their characteristics in detail were the driving forces behind this new type family. As is typical of his revivals, Reiher Headline does not faithfully follow the forms of historical sources. Espinoza made numerous updates and modifications to the design so that it woul … > Read article

Dutch Type back again to the book stores

2 August, 2018  |   No comments

In the beginning of 2018 and after a meeting in which we assured him we will assist him with the production, Jan Middendorp decided time was ripe for a reprint the 2004 edition of Dutch Type, out of print and one of the most sought after second hand typography books of the 21th century. After a very successful crowdfunding campaign it was clear that Dutch Type reprint edition will become a reality.
It took us some months of restoring old backups and replacing corrupted image file … > Read article

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