The Ship / Het Ship

1 March, 2014  |   No comments

The Amsterdam School Museum in Amsterdam has published a beautiful book featuring our font Kurversbrug in the cover and titles. The book, designed by Rutger Vos, is dedicated to one of its more important milestones: Het Schip (The Ship). This building marks the highest point of socialhousing in the Netherlands. There, workers were not only provided with good quality accommodation, but they were also given a beautiful home. So, if you ever travel to Amsterdam, forget about silly tourist traps, Het Ship is one of the places you should really visit.

Another interesting initiative by the Amsterdam School Museum is the website Wendingen. The aim of this site is to promote information and activities related with the history and legacy of this avant-garde movement. Again, our Kurversbrug is very present and plays an important rol in the graphic identity of the website.


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