The old window of Café “Het Molenpad”

14 July, 2015  |   No comments

The beautiful lettering painted on the windows of Café “Het Molenpad” was one of the first works with “Amsterdamse Krulletters” I could identify and photograph back in 2004. “Het Molenpad” is on the Prinsengracht, separated a few meters from the location of the building were the Public Library used to be located. Two or three years later, I started to be more systematic and take pictures of every window with krulletters, so I came back to this café with a better camera and, to my despair, discovered that the place had been renovated and the old lettering was gone. The pictures I had were not good enough and I couldn’t include them in my book.

A couple of months ago Thijs Kerkhof, owner of “Het Molenpad” contacted me and told me he still had the old lettered glass and that I could take it if I wanted. Wonderful! I had always regretted what happened to this window because the work was in a very good condition and hadn’t been “restored” by less skilled painters – like many of the windows in Amsterdam. So I collected the 28 kilos glass and brought it to Kunst en Zo where Theo van Steijn prepared a strong frame for it.

Now this gorgeous sign painting work is hanging on a wall at ReType’s headquarters. It makes me very happy to watch it every morning.

Ramiro Espinoza.


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