Introducing Kranto

1 February, 2021  |   No comments

Kranto, a sans serif superfamily composed of 144 fonts designed by Ramiro Espinoza, draws inspiration from a group of mainly British and German grotesque typefaces from the first half of the twentieth century. Its three subfamilies—Kranto Normal, SemiCond, and Condensed—grow progressively narrower.

Each subfamily comes in seven weights, from Thin to Black—and, for maximum typesetting and typographic flexibility, each weight is available in three different x-heights: Text, Normal, and Display. The Text series, destined for small sizes, features the most diminutive ascenders and descenders to facilitate tight settings. Next comes the general-purpose Normal series, whose standard-length extenders make it a good fit for a wide variety of uses. The Display series has long, rangy ascenders and descenders, and works best at large sizes. The spacing and kerning of each series has been adjusted for optimal performance within its intended range of body sizes.

In addition to seven weights, every subfamily also includes a set of inline capitals. Steeped in the art deco spirit of the period that inspired Kranto’s design, these arresting decorative caps augment the creative potential of an already versatile and far-reaching type system.

Brimming with subtly original design details, Kranto is a solid, trustworthy, and readable typeface that strives for objectivity and neutrality. Its unassuming nature makes Kranto an ideal choice not only for a broad assortment of corporate, editorial, and digital jobs, but also for environmental uses like signage and wayfinding systems.

Kranto is also fully equipped to tackle complex, professional typesetting. Its extensive character set includes fractions, case-sensitive forms, arrows, ordinals, icons, and tabular figures. In addition to standard Latin, it also supports Central European, Baltic, and Turkic languages.


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