Introducing Dejanire Text & Jewel

21 February, 2022  |   No comments

In November of 2019, Retype introduced Dejanire Headline, a roman type family loosely inspired by an anonymous display typeface found in a Claude Lamesle type specimen, which was published in Paris in 1742. Ramiro Espinoza expanded the system with Dejanire Sans in the months that followed.

Today we introduce the third installment in the series: Dejanire Text and Dejanire Jewel. Dejanire Text shares the same basic design principles as Dejanire Headline, but with proportions, contrast, and spacing adapted to reading sizes. It can be considered a transitional roman loosely based on historical 18th century types, while highlighting a more contemporary appearance.

Dejanire Text has a crisp presence both in print and on screen and is moderately condensed to fit more words per line. Although designed with magazines and newspapers in mind, the family’s clean design and readability also make it an excellent candidate for websites, brochures, and annual reports.

The accompanying Dejanire Jewel font is a baroque, profusely ornate set of capitals inspired by those found in a religious decree printed in 1800 by Pedro Battle in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Its wide set letters are reminiscent of jewels cradled by foliage, creating their own light and shadow. 

As one might expect, Dejanire Text consists of ten feature-rich OpenType fonts and is fully equipped to tackle complex, professional typesetting. Its extensive character set includes small caps, fractions, case-sensitive forms, arrows, fleurons, and seven sets of numerals. In addition to over 100 standard Latin languages, Dejanire Text supports Central European, Baltic, and Turkic languages.


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