'Liebe Kitty' book

A new German edition of Anne Frank's text

By Erik Spiekermann & Daniel Klotz


Bureaudonald's website

By Bureaudonald

Brami packaging

Packaging redesign for Brami snacks

By Joshua Kaplan

Café Green Handle redesign

Café Green Handle is a popular art scene in Debrecen, Hungary.

By Zoltán Petromán & Tímea Andorka

Smartlap film poster

Poster for a Dutch film directed by David Eilander

By Henneman Agency

Brand in Amsterdam book

Cover design for a Dutch book

By Moker Ontwerp

Futuristische Manifesten

Compendium of Futurist manisfests

By Thomas Crombez

Amsterdam Door! Gijs & Floor

Guide to Amsterdam's culturally significant sites.

By Jelle F. Post

Design Freo

Website celebrating design and designers in the port city of Fremantle

By Becky Chilcott / chil3.com

African Cosmologies

Catalog for the exhibition African Cosmologies: Photography, Time, and the Other

By HvADesign

Dinning with the Tzars

Campaign for Hermitage Museum exhibition

By Berry Slok

NICHE Rotterdam

Business cards for NICHE store

By Studio Ilse van Klei

The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts

The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts' website

By www.rca-arc.ca

Handelsblatt newspaper

Recent redesign employing Guyot for headlines and text.

By García Media

Threshold Love Architecture

Image for a pop-up architecture centre located in the basement a car park in Brighton

By Richard Wolfstrome

Curiuus milk tea

Concept packaging design for milk tea drink Curiuus.

By Studio Blackthorn

Westerly magazine

Australian literary magazine

By Becky Chilcott / chil3.com

Here & Now magazine

Journal for UK's Academy of Urbanism

By Richard Wolfstrome

AFC Ajax 2017-2018

T-Shirts for AJAX sport teams

By Unknown

1001 Magazine

Stockholm based fashion magazine

By Danielle Erenberg

The Foundry

Identity for The Foundry building | London

By Richard Wolfstrome


Catalog and exhibition graphics for Strange Loops

By Johannes DeYoung, Federico Solmi & HvADesign

Doris film

Logo and titles for a Dutch film

By Planet X

Trilhas de um Sonhador

Book focused on the work of the fine artist Guataçara Monteiro

By Ana Lúcia Ribeiro

'Yksinkertaisuuden ylistys' book

Book jacket for a Markku Kuisma's book

By Tom Backström


Book by Bastien Contraire

By Phaidon

The Dowsing Sound Collective poster

Poster for The Dowsing Sound Collective

By Richard Wolfstrome

This Little World

Publication for Presbyterian Ladies’ College

By Becky Chilcott / chil3.com

Piano Ex Machina

Poster for a Zubin Kanga's performance

By Becky Chilcott / chil3.com

'El vestido' book cover

Book cover for a Jennifer Robson's novel

By Sabrina Rinaldi

The World’s Fastest E-Type Jaguar

Commemorative book for E-Type enthusiast

By Becky Chilcott / chil3.com

The Dowsing Sound Collective poster

Poster for The Dowsing Sound Collective

By Richard Wolfstrome

Minds for innovation

Corporate identity & website

By Bureau Donald

Le Condé

Manu cart for Le Condé, Punch & Cocktail Bar

By Marçal Prats


Poster for an exhibition

By Richard Wolfstrome

Made in Amsterdam

100 Years in 100 works of art.

By Gewoon Jelle Studio

SIKA book

Saint-Gobain Anniversary Book

By Alexander Fjelldal

Nieuw Amsterdams Peil

Promotional brochure for galeries in the Jordaan district, Amsterdam.

By Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn

The Singapore Airlines Gallery

Poster for a pop-up exhibition in Amsterdam

By Hammerfest

V-Inspire magazine

Corporate magazine published by Vlisco

By Vanessa K. Paterson

The Burst Gig

Poster for a music festival

By Richard Wolfstrome

Sound Outback

Music festival program

By Becky Chilcott / chil3.com

Hide and Sneak book series

A series of board books for children by Bastien Contraire

By Phaidon

Kultur Manifest

Brochure for Crossmedia Düsseldorf.

By Dirk Uhkenbrock

Desktop Magazine

Australian design magazine

By Desktop Magazine team

Volkskrant magazine

Volkskrant magazine issue

By Jaap Biemans

Amsterdam, een geschiedenis

Book cover design

By René van der Vooren

La Morita Restaurant

Identity for La Morita Restaurant

By Paula Mastrangelo

The Dowsing Sound Collective

Poster for The Dowsing Sound Collective

By Richard Wolfstrome

West Australian Symphony Orchestra

Graphic identity for WA Symphony Orchestra

By Becky Chilcott / chil3.com

La boda de Kate

Book cover design

By Sabrina Rinaldi

De Vrijplaats

Corporate identity for De Vrijplaats

By Bas van Vuurde

Ochentamundos magazine

Logo for an outdoors magazine

By Héctor Nichea

Werken for het water

Book cover design

By Moker Ontwerp

NICHE Rotterdam

Identity for NICHE store

By Studio Ilse van Klei

Wester Unie

Identity for Wester Unie club (Amsterdam)

By Sander Pappot - Zender

Het Schip, workers palace

Book for Het Schip Museum

By Rutger Vos

VPRO Gids cover

Magazine cover featuring Kurversbrug

By Roel Siebrand

On the waves of the city

Book design for Het Schip Museum

By Judith Brüggenwirth