Testing agreement

Trial Fonts: End User Licence Agreement (EULA)

Thank you for choosing Retype Foundry’s fonts. By downloading or using the “Trial Fonts” you (“The User”) accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement. Retype Foundry hereby grants a non- exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Trial Fonts conditional on the terms that follow:

1. Use restrictions

2. AI Training

The licensed use of these Trial Fonts, as granted under this End User License Agreement (EULA), expressly prohibits its utilization in AI training, neural networks, machine learning models, and any similar applications. You are prohibited from incorporating, embedding, or deploying this typeface within artificial intelligence systems, algorithms, or networks for the purpose of training, generating, or enhancing AI-generated content. This restriction aims to safeguard the integrity and distinctiveness of the typeface's design by preventing its integration into AI-driven technologies that might compromise its originality and intended visual identity. By accepting the terms of this EULA, you acknowledge and agree to refrain from employing the licensed typeface in any form of AI training, neural network development, or analogous endeavors.

3. Commercial Use
If The User want to use the Trial Fonts for commercial purposes (e.g., but not limited to: work for hire, published designs for sale, advertising, self-promotional materials for freelancers, basically anything directly or indirectly related to money.), The User must contact Retype Foundry to obtain a full version of the fonts.

4. Embedding
Embedding of the Trial Fonts in software or electronic documents not explicitly stated here is prohibited.

5. Modifications
Trial Fonts may not be modified, decompiled, or converted to other formats without prior written permission from Retype Foundry.

6. Transfer of License
Licenses are not transferrable. You may not rent, lease, sublicense, give, lend, or further distribute the Trial Fonts, copies, or parts of them.

7. Copyright
Trial Fonts are copyright protected. Trial Fonts software and all copies are and remain intelectual property of Retype Foundry.

8. Limited guarantee
Trial Fonts have a reduced character set, a limited guarantee and support. There can not be made a claim for damages, e.g. loss of production, operation or production downtimes, increased consumption of material and other damage caused directly or indirectly in connection with using the Trial Fonts.

9. Generally
Retype Foundry reserves all rights to itself, which are not expressly granted by the present Treaty. If parts of this agreement should be ineffective, does that not affect the effectiveness of the remaining parts of this agreement. The present Treaty is subject to Dutch law.