Kurversbrug’s numbers in De Pijp

27 January, 2011  |   No comments

On the Eerste Jan Steenstraat, in the Amsterdam neighbourhood of De Pijp, a group of houses has been renovated with their house numbers set in ornamental ceramic plates. We are gratified that, once again, our ‘Brugletter’ revival, Kurversbrug is being used in such a prominent position, and hope to see more of these plates in the streets of Amsterdam. Keeping alive Amsterdam’s best examples of letter-making tradition is one of our objectives, so we love to disco … > Read article

G-Star wears Kurversbrug

23 January, 2011  |   1 comment

The leading fashion brand G-Star, in exploring the rich heritage of the dutch avant-garde has elected to use our font Kurversbrug in printed designs on their jackets and sweaters. We agree that the sturdy aesthetics of the ‘Amsterdamse School‘ architects is a perfect accompaniment to urban street-wear, and are delighted with their choice.
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Fontwerk choses Lavigne Text

11 January, 2011  |   No comments

Fontwerk, the german weblog dedicated to “Design, Typography & Zeitgeist”, ran by Ivo Gabrowitsch, has also chosen Lavigne Text as one of the best type families of 2010. Thanks Fontwerk!
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