Guyot has won a Certificate of Typographic Excellence

31 January, 2018  |   1 comment

We are super proud to announce our type family Guyot, designed by Ramiro Espinoza, has been awarded with a Certificate of Typographic Excellence by the prestigious Type Directors Club.
Guyot will be included in the Annual of the Type Directors Club, The World’s Best Typography, and will also be shown at the 64th Awards Exhibition (TDC64) in New York City.
Beside this New York event, it will also be included in 8 identical exhibitions that will tour dozens of cities in the Unite … > Read article

Analoog #1: Interview with Piet Jacobs

10 January, 2018  |   4 comments

I met Piet Jacobs in November 2017, during the Dutch ‘art of the book’ fair (Boekkunstbeurs) in Leiden. He was in one of the stands, selling a compelling selection of fine Dutch type specimens and booklets. I noticed among them A tot Z, the rare autobiography of Paul H. Rädisch, the famous punchcutter of Jan van Krimpen’s typefaces. After a brief conversation, I purchased the book—a fine green clothbound volume.
It was only when had I arrived home and had time to begin r
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