A type family for Bath

30 March, 2011  |   2 comments

When, in 2010, David Quay was asked by communication agency FWDesign to create a custom type family to be used as the new signage and orientation system of the City of Bath, he teamed up with ReType.
Bath is a beautiful city to design for, and we were delighted to be involved in the project. The process was intensive, and demanded a well-documented research into local values, history, and vernacular lettering tradition. We didn’t want a ‘squarish’ sans with a &# … > Read article

The Hague’s street signage

17 March, 2011  |   No comments

The Hague uses an interesting and original alphabet style in its street naming. It’s a typical ‘technical’ design, characterised by repetition of the same modules, and according to Albert-Jan Pool, related to DIN standards. Despite the ingenuity of its obvious typographic quirks, we like it; it’s part of the The Hague’s graphic and cultural DNA. For that reason, during our long wait for a new internet connection (thanks KPN!), we made up a digital ve … > Read article