Letterpress adventures with Kurversbrug

5 January, 2015  |   No comments

We have been experimenting with our friends of BunkerType with a wood type version of Kurversbrug, the revival of Amsterdam’s bridge letters. We chose a fragment of a famous poem by Jan Campert (“Een Amsterdamsch lied”) and with it a poster in the spirit of The Amsterdam School avant-garde was designed and printed. Stay tuned, the poster will be made available soon.

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Laski Slab featured in Typography #06

23 November, 2014  |   No comments

Our typeface Laski Slab has been generously featured in the Japanese magazine Typography #6. It’s a well designed publication with a careful selection of recently published typefaces and related news on typography. Thanks a lot to Yuko Miyago and his team.

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Coming soon: Kurversbrug as wood types

18 November, 2014  |   No comments

With our colleagues from Bunker Type we are planning a wood type version of Kurversbrug. Soon this new incarnation of the Amsterdam’s bridge letters (brugletter) will be ready and a set of posters dedicated to the city will be printed with them. Stay tuned for more news!

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Another excellent work by Richard Wolfströme

15 November, 2014  |   No comments

Few months ago we shared here some outstanding posters Richard Wolfströme designed with our Kade typeface. Now he has employed Laski Slab to design Here and Now, a magazine for The Academy of Urbanism. We think it is a beautiful piece of editorial design and we are glad our type family is playing an important rol in it. As always, thanks Richard for sharing your work with us.

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Type Amsterdam 2014 lectures

13 November, 2014  |   No comments

As every year the Bijzondere Collecties department of the University of Amsterdam is organizing the Type Amsterdam event. In this opportunity, the lectures will delivered by: Nina Stoessinger, Sébastien Morlighem, Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès and Ron van Roon.
You can subscribe in this webpage, but don’t wait too much since the venue has a rather limited capacity.
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Laski Slab featured in Slanted #24

13 November, 2014  |   No comments

Thanks a lot to the staff of Slanted Magazine for featuring our Laski Slab family in the “Contemporary Typefaces” section.

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Letterpress workshop: towards creating 3D printed block letters

11 November, 2014  |   No comments

On this Sunday 16 of November there will be a workshop organized by TypeCrit Amsterdam and hosted at the Grafisch Werkplaats Amsterdam oriented toward creating custom 3D printed block letters. It will be a very good opportunity to learn more about letterpress printing and use the equipment kept in the workshop. Don’t miss it!: http://www.meetup.com/TypeCrit-Amsterdam/events/208205692/

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Introducing four new Kurversbrug weights

2 November, 2014  |   No comments

Kurversbrug – our interpretation of the idiosyncratic alphabet found on the bridges in Amsterdam – was the first type family released by Retype back in 2007. From the onset the Kurversbrug typefaces were very well received, and have been applied in countless design projects, websites and advertising campaigns. Even the Amsterdam municipality started using Kurversbrug in a new series of bridge nameplates. This made us realize a revamp of the family was necessary, so we began wo … > Read article

‘Dining with the Tsars’ Exhibition

5 September, 2014  |   No comments

We were very pleased to find that Berry Slok Studio from Amsterdam chose our script font Dulcinea to design the poster, brochures and catalogue of the Hermitage Museum‘s exhibition ‘Dining with the Tsars’. It looks great, we hope to see soon more works from this studio.

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West Australian Symphony Orchestra identity

5 September, 2014  |   No comments

Chil3 is an Australian design studio that creates stunning works of identity and editorial design. They have recently designed the identity for the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and have chosen David Quay’s Kade as its main typeface. We love how it looks in the context of this solid design work.

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Type design collaboration with G-Star

5 September, 2014  |   No comments

We have recently worked with Renee Ramraj creating a font for the G-Star’s campaign ‘Raw for the oceans’. The alphabet plays an important part in this identity where it must reaffirm the messages behind the environmentally-conscious initiative.

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Type & Media 2014 graduation projects

13 July, 2014  |   No comments

For those who like to check what the students from the Type & Media Master make every year, we’ve uploaded to our Flickr account a set of images of their graduation projects. Alternatively you can also take a look to the pictures we posted in our Instagram account.
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Winco as book cover typeface

6 July, 2014  |   No comments

Finnish designer Tom Backström from mustakirahvi.net has designed this stunning book jacket with our typeface Winco. It looks great Tom, thanks a lot for letting us know about it!
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Laski Slab printed specimen

30 June, 2014  |   1 comment

For those type lovers who prefer the smell of printed specimens, we’ve made a Laski Slab booklet displaying every weight and showing their potential with a variety of design examples. It can be ordered here.
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Medusa awarded by the Type Director Club NY

9 May, 2014  |   No comments

It is the second occasion in this year that one of our fonts receive an award. This time Medusa, our revival of the Catalonian writing master Ramón Stirling, has been awarded with a “Certificate of Excellence” by the New York’s Type Director Club. Thanks a lot to the jury for considering us, we are immensely flattered.

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Kade on Richard Wolfströme’s posters

6 April, 2014  |   No comments

Richard Wolfströme is an award-winning graphic designer based on Brighton (UK). He has used our Kade family to design a set of very effective posters for “The Dowsing Sound Collective” – a dynamic 120-voice choir and band. You can also take a look to his Behance, it’s full of gorgeous works.

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Bas van Vuurde’s identity for De Vrijplaats

2 April, 2014  |   No comments

Bas van Vuurde is a talented graphic designer and typographer who runs a studio in the city on Haarlem. He has recently designed a graphic identity for “De Vrijplaats” (a rehabilitation center). We are glad to see again Kade as one of the central elements of a very well balanced identity.

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Introducing Laski Slab

23 March, 2014  |   No comments

ReType Foundry proudly introduces Laski Slab, a comprehensive suite of 20 fonts conceived for editorial purposes. The type family was designed by Paula Mastrangelo, an Art Director with extensive experience in editorial design specialized in corporate communication. Originally developed for an online children’s magazine, Laski was expanded into a multipurpose type family with the technical assistance of Ramiro Espinoza.
Belying the intrinsic robustness of the slab serif genre, L … > Read article

The Ship / Het Ship

1 March, 2014  |   No comments

The Amsterdam School Museum in Amsterdam has published a beautiful book featuring our font Kurversbrug in the cover and titles. The book, designed by Rutger Vos, is dedicated to one of its more important milestones: Het Schip (The Ship). This building marks the highest point of socialhousing in the Netherlands. There, workers were not only provided with good quality accommodation, but they were also given a beautiful home. So, if you ever travel to Amsterdam, forget about silly … > Read article

Medusa at Behance

15 March, 2013  |   No comments

We have published a project at Behance covering our latest Medusa script in depth. Check it out, there are great new images of Medusa in use. The rest of ReType projects can be found here.
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Interview in Graphicdesign.com

14 March, 2013  |   No comments

We are pleased to share that the website Graphicdesign.com has published a nice article/interview on Medusa and other ReType’s typefaces.
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Krul chosen among “Best of 2012” by Typographica

14 March, 2013  |   No comments

Our script Krul has been chosen among “Best of 2012” typefaces by Typographica.org. This is one of the most important type design prizes and we are exultant. And Winco and Dulcinea are also listed as “Honorable mentions”. Thanks to Laura Messeguer for reviewing and Typographica’s team for the support.
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New font from ReType: Medusa

6 March, 2013  |   No comments

New from ReType, Medusa is Ramiro Espinoza’s homage to one of the most renowned masters of Spanish calligraphy, Ramón Stirling, who was active in Barcelona during the 19th century. Not much is known about his life, and there is even some doubt as to his real name, but his Bellezas de la Caligrafía (Beauties of Calligraphy) is one of the most exquisite English roundhand manuals ever produced.

The starting-off point in the creation of the typeface was an analysis of the histor … > Read article

Interview in Myfonts’s Creative Characters

23 October, 2012  |   No comments

Ramiro Espinoza has just been interviewed by Myfonts. I you want to know a little more over ReType, follow this link.
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Type Amsterdam 2012

29 September, 2012  |   No comments

Next week is Type Amsterdam 2012. We are very exited and – certainly – a bit nervous 🙂
See you on Thursday.
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Introducing ‘Dulcinea’: An exploration of baroque calligraphy

12 August, 2012  |   No comments

Dulcinea is the title of Ramiro Espinoza’s in-depth look at Spanish Baroque calligraphy’s most extreme tendencies, and especially at some of those produced by the writing masters Pedro Díaz Morante and Juan Claudio Aznar de Polanco. These 17th and 18th centuries alphabets with their plentiful calligraphic flourishes represented a marked break with the harmonic and angular Renaissance Cancellaresca style.
It was Morante who first introduced and popularized the use of the poin … > Read article

July Sales: Kade & Winco 50% off

2 July, 2012  |   No comments

Super font promo: during July you can buy at re-type.com the font families Kade and Winco with a very convenient 50% discount. Stay tuned for more interesting offers!
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The untold history of the Krulletter

19 June, 2012  |   No comments

Ramiro Espinoza gives new details about his research on the origins of the ‘Krulletter’ and the life of the letter painter Jan Willem Visser in an article published by the website ‘I love Typography’.
Existe tambien una versión un tanto más extensa y en español publicada en la revista digital Monográfica.org
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Studio Frog uses Kurversbrug

29 May, 2012  |   No comments

Studio Frog Design has released a nice promotional video featuring our Kurversbrug font combined with Underware’s Bello. Kurversbrug’s contours looks quite distorted like after being autotraced, which is a bit weird but… who cares!
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Krul featured in Myfonts’s weblog

25 May, 2012  |   No comments

German language version of Myfonts’s weblog has published a nice article about our recently published Krul typeface.
Thanks, Myfonts!
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New font release: ‘Krul’

6 May, 2012  |   No comments

Krul is a typographic interpretation of the lettering style created by Dutch letter painter Jan Willem Joseph Visser at the end of the 1940s, which decorated the traditional brown bars of Amsterdam. In the beginning, these letters were strongly associated with the pubs connected to the Amstel brewery, given that Visser was the company’s official painter. As the years passed, the style became increasingly popular, and various business owners in Amsterdam and other Dutc … > Read article

‘Mujer’ magazine uses Lavigne

19 February, 2012  |   No comments

Recently editorial designer Ariel Garófalo designed ‘Mujer’, a women’s magazines published by ‘Panamá América’ newspaper in Panama. The publication features our Lavigne Display and Lavigne Text and we are not ashamed to say they look terrific on the pages.

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ReType’s twitter account

23 January, 2012  |   No comments

With a certain degree of reluctance we have created a Twitter account for ReType. You can follow us at:
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New release: Winco

18 January, 2012  |   No comments

Winco family can be labelled a humanist sans-serif, but in spirit it is more closely related to that rather rare typeface category called ‘glyphic’ or ‘incise’. Glyphic faces occupy a place roughly half-way between seriffed renaissance book faces and sans-serifs. The classic examples are Optima (Hermann Zapf) and Albertus (Berthold Wolpe), with Pascal (José Mendoza) sometimes mentioned as a more calligraphically inspired cousin to Optima. Instead of serifs, these types h … > Read article

‘NL Graphic Design’ uses Kade

16 July, 2011  |   2 comments

Our font family Kade has been chosen by NL Graphic Design as the headline font for their new website. NL Graphic Design has grown out of the antiquarian department of Nijhof & Lee International Booksellers, and has one of the finest collection of original Dutch posters, catalogues, and books on typography available for sale. As Kade is bold and robust, we find it very well suited for this clean layout.
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Type]Media 2011 graduation projects

3 July, 2011  |   No comments

As every year I attended the Type]Media exhibition at the KABK in The Hague. It was nice to chat with the new graduates and learn about their projects and researches. Afterwards, there is always an alumni meeting and despite the dinner was not very well served thanks to a rather messy restaurant 🙂 , nobody actually cared much. Good company and juicy conversations were enough to keep everyone satisfied.
I made a Flickr’s Group with all the Type]Media’s posters but … > Read article

New Bath’s map

4 May, 2011  |   No comments

We just got the new Bath’s maps and they look great. Thanks FWDesign!

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More G-Star T-shirts featuring Kurversbrug

27 April, 2011  |   No comments

Spring has come with some new G-Star T-shirts featuring our Kurversbrug as their main motif.
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Fresh new Bath’s signs

13 April, 2011  |   No comments

More pictures of Bath’s new signage system have arrived. Higher resolution images can be found here.

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A type family for Bath

30 March, 2011  |   2 comments

When, in 2010, David Quay was asked by communication agency FWDesign to create a custom type family to be used as the new signage and orientation system of the City of Bath, he teamed up with ReType.
Bath is a beautiful city to design for, and we were delighted to be involved in the project. The process was intensive, and demanded a well-documented research into local values, history, and vernacular lettering tradition. We didn’t want a ‘squarish’ sans with a &# … > Read article

The Hague’s street signage

17 March, 2011  |   No comments

The Hague uses an interesting and original alphabet style in its street naming. It’s a typical ‘technical’ design, characterised by repetition of the same modules, and according to Albert-Jan Pool, related to DIN standards. Despite the ingenuity of its obvious typographic quirks, we like it; it’s part of the The Hague’s graphic and cultural DNA. For that reason, during our long wait for a new internet connection (thanks KPN!), we made up a digital ve … > Read article

Buenos Aires’s graffiti

28 February, 2011  |   2 comments

I haven’t found as many graffitis in Buenos Aires as in the past, but anyway there are some good ones. This is located under a bridge in the intersection of ‘Crámer’ and ‘Elcano’ avenues. Check the artist’s website TEC and his Flickr account.
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Spotting ‘argie’ letters

19 February, 2011  |   3 comments

Being on vacation in Buenos Aires, I find impossible not to spend time spotting local lettering. This is the first batch.

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Kurversbrug’s numbers in De Pijp

27 January, 2011  |   No comments

On the Eerste Jan Steenstraat, in the Amsterdam neighbourhood of De Pijp, a group of houses has been renovated with their house numbers set in ornamental ceramic plates. We are gratified that, once again, our ‘Brugletter’ revival, Kurversbrug is being used in such a prominent position, and hope to see more of these plates in the streets of Amsterdam. Keeping alive Amsterdam’s best examples of letter-making tradition is one of our objectives, so we love to disco … > Read article

G-Star wears Kurversbrug

23 January, 2011  |   1 comment

The leading fashion brand G-Star, in exploring the rich heritage of the dutch avant-garde has elected to use our font Kurversbrug in printed designs on their jackets and sweaters. We agree that the sturdy aesthetics of the ‘Amsterdamse School‘ architects is a perfect accompaniment to urban street-wear, and are delighted with their choice.
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Fontwerk choses Lavigne Text

11 January, 2011  |   No comments

Fontwerk, the german weblog dedicated to “Design, Typography & Zeitgeist”, ran by Ivo Gabrowitsch, has also chosen Lavigne Text as one of the best type families of 2010. Thanks Fontwerk!
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Lavigne among the best 2010 serif fonts

23 December, 2010  |   No comments

In its latest newsletter, Fontshop has listed Lavigne Display and Lavigne Text among the best serif designs of 2010. Thanks FSI. We greatly appreciate it.
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Vivid Gallery uses Kade

29 November, 2010  |   No comments

Vivid Gallery is a design gallery situated in the heart of Rotterdam. Founded by Saskia Copper and Aad Krol, they have recently chosen to use Kade for all their communications. A perfect type for an institution devoted to highlight the best in dutch design innovation.

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‘Serge*’ Restaurant

13 September, 2010  |   No comments

This time it was colleague type designer Donald Beekman who spotted ‘Serge*‘, a restaurant in Utrechtsestraat 141, Amsterdam; which is using Kurversbrug Light for its logo.

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On the Amstel river

1 September, 2010  |   No comments

It seems like ‘Kurversbrug‘ is becoming quite popular. This time we spotted it in this nameplate used to identify a boat-house on the Amstel River in Amsterdam. Good election! 🙂
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